From now on this is will be my blog. My old weblog can be found here (you can still find all my patterns there!).

Learning Fair Isle

This year I planned to learn the fair isle technique - knitting with two colors. But I just knitted a pair of socks and I can't tell that I really was able to knit with two strands of yarn. After I felted almost all my sweaters for a patchwork project and winter is coming very soon I decided to knit a sweater in fair isle technique. I choose sock yarn as I had so much of that cheap yarn in my stash - I will never knit so many socks! Ok, a sweater made from sock yarn. At least I decided to use double sock yarn so I will see progress soon. I took the seamless sweater pattern from Elizabeth Zimmermann and started knitting. 

After a few rounds with holding two different strands of yarn on one hand I got it and couldn't stop knitting. Yeah, I managed it! And one week later my sweater was finished:


Now I'm planning to knit more and more in this technique: Socks, hats, mittens and of course another sweater. Perhaps I will try steeking!!! 

Here is a scarf for my nephew Max - the alligator/snake scarf with mittens integrated:


Spinning and Knitting

I finished my next little shawl knitted with sock yarn, a Pettine again, I adore this easy pattern, it's so fast to knit!IMG_4234

And here is some yarn I spun recently:


Black Jacob - a very itchy yarn.


Summer flowers - silk and merino.


That's Pluschperlen, an artyarn for the spin swap.


A dyeing project: Will this red cabbage dye my yarn and roving? What color will it get?

Baktus Swap

My next attempt in knitting a Baktus shawl is done. I really love my second version, the yarn is much better and so unbelievable soft, the colors are bright and the pattern is adorable. 


Unfortunately I'm not able to present the colors in the right light, so this will do I think. 

Swapping Baktus

I joined the german Baktus Swap and decided to knit this version of a Baktus shawl, the Saroyan shawl:


My problem now is that I think the colors are not the best. My swap partner loves pink and purple and violet and I think the colors here are way too dull. I bought another skein sock yarn in pink but I don't like that kind of pink - too light and girlish. Now I ordered two skeins hand dyed sock yarn at Tausendschön and I definitely know that one of these skeins will be the right color. 

At least I will have a nice little gift for christmas - these shawls knit up like nothing and I know some friends that will love a shawl like that. So I have to knit more versions of the Baktus shawl! 

Another shawl I'm knitting at the moment is this here:


I started with a lily of the valley pattern and ended up with the double diamond pattern from one of the last Yarn Forward magazines. The yarn is very fine (cobweb) but so cozy - with cashmere!!!

I knitted quite a lot in the past few weeks and you can enjoy the pictures of my finished projects here at the photo pages. I also got back to my spinning wheel and spun up some cotton, silk, yak and merino. At the moment I'm spinning very rough black Jacob but I still have no clue what to do with that itchy yarn...

My recent projects

I will start with my latest addiction, the Skuld Lace Shawls. I joined the Norns-KAL from knitandknag a few weeks ago. I also ordered the original yarn Sappho II from Sanguine Gryphon. Unfortunately my yarn got stuck between US and Germany so I ordered more yarn from wollbox here in Germany. I spent a little fortune on yarn just for this only shawl - I ordered only handpainted yarns, silk and sea silk yarns and other luxury yarns. I have been in great dispair!!!

But luckily I got the delivery from Sanguine Gryphon on june, 16 - one day after the start of the KAL. I started right now and knitted and knitted and knitted and on june 17, late in the evening (ok, it was midnight!) I finished the gray Skuld. My choice was the grayish yarn because Skuld is the norn of that what will be. The future lays in a nebulous fog for me  - so gray and steel colors resemble this feeling best. 

This is the first Skuld:


One day later the other yarn arrived and I think this steel gray and blue yarn is a good choice for the second Skuld. The pattern is so addictive that I have to knit another one what is a very rare occasion!


The Unbeaded Nymph Sweater is a little raglan tshirt knitted from 2 skeins of sock yarn. I just wanted to try if I am able to knit a sweater with very fine yarn. And yes - this is addictive too! I have already plans for the next sweater!


The Fountain Pen Shawl - another very fast lace project that was great fun to knit with Malabrigo Lace yarn:


And at last there is a summer project, the crochet top:


More pictures of all projects can be found on the photo pages...


Just a quick picture of what I knitted in the last two days:



Skuld is the first of the Norns-KAL and I finished it in almost no time. It was great fun to knit. The pattern is easy to follow and the yarn is gorgeous! More tomorrow...

More crochet...

The door stopper cat got a face and my mil is very happy with it.


I made two pairs of potholder for my mum's birthday - now I'm so fed up with potholders I think I have to take a break crocheting potholders...


My cardigan is finished - it took me only one week to crochet and it turned out fine. More pics of the cardi can be found on the crochet-sides...


Cardigan and Jacket

It's quite a time ago I crocheted this cardigan. It didn't turn out the way I expected so I didn't take a picture. Yesterday I put the cardigan in the washing machine in the hope it will shrink a bit. After drying in the tumbler (yes - the hard way!) the cardigan transformed into something lovely! The yarn (an unplyed cheap yarn from a big cone) got so fluffy and soft and the cardigan shrinked to the right size. Now I love it!


Here is my first crochet jacket. It took me just 6 days to crochet and I adore it. It's just perfect for the spring time. Made out of cotton and linen yarn with vintage buttons.


Did I mention that the crochet fever got me? Well, I started the next cardigan with a cotton yarn in dark red. This time it's raglan time again. 


Crochet Fever

Well, I think I got the crochet fever or something like that. I do more crochet than knitting - I don't know if this is good? But I enjoy it as it's much faster than knitting...

I had some old crochet hooks that I got from my grandma (or was it a grandaunt?). While crocheting with these hooks my fingers got sore. I don't like that plain steel or aluminum hooks very much they look so boring. Some time ago I saw handmade hooks made from polymer clay. A great idea and I have so much old FIMO (polymer clay)! Now here are my first two handmade hooks - aren't they adorable?


Crocheting potholder again, this time a norwegian pattern (with english translation) I enjoyed very much: Grytekluter is an easy to follow pattern and so adorable. I made this potholders for my ex-mother-in-law.IMG_2895

After finishing the potholder I started a new cardigan - it's Prepster from the book "The Happy Hooker". I wanted to crochet that cardigan since I got the book but why did it take so long to start? I use black cotton yarn and I know that I don't have enough. So I just ordered some more skeins. ;-)

My last knitting project was a pair of summer socks made from leftover yarns. I will have to knit some more of this short and black socks as I had to sort out some of my very old and worn out socks.IMG_2868

Crochet Attack!

I love crocheting - in the last few weeks my crochet projects got me much more fun than knitting. So here is an update:

The rug for my bathroom - I love it! Exactly the way I wanted it! (More pics on the crochet photos)


Stash baskets - I decided to use up all my leftover yarn from different projects and added some sock yarn. Now I have 4 baskets for my yarn and spinning fibers:


I need a face! It's a gift for my mother in law, a door stopper cat.


Finishing projects

I was working constantly on different projects trying to finish them all. But I started a whole bunch of new projects because...

I had to wait for more yarn for this project: The turkish star potholder - for the german potholderswap! 


As I can't order only the yarn for one project I found this great and very cheap cotton in two shades of blue. That will be a rug for my shower as the old one is unraveling. I tried to make a picture but the cat...


...she's learning to crochet! Ok, perhaps she will just eat up all the yarn.

Finally my cardigan is finished. I don't know why but I did NOT enjoy the knitting but the outcome is phantastic!


More pictures of that cardi in the knitting photos...

I'm in need of summer socks and so I knitted this small socks of soy yarn:


Now I have only one shawl, one skirt, one afgan and the rug for the shower as WIP. *sigh*

Spring is here!

I worked a lot in my garden in the last few days, so there isn't so much to show. Finally I made some pictures of my fair-isle socks:


And here are two more pairs of potholders:



For the last pair of potholders I had to order more yarn... I don't know why but I did not only order this one skein but a lot more yarn for potholders and for a sweater... Well, I have to stop buying yarn NOW!!!

Catching up on everything

I wasn't lazy with my knitting. But so lazy in blogging! I was knitting very much on my red cardigan but then I got an invitation for the german potholder swap. I couldn't resist and ordered instantly cotton yarn. Waiting squirrelly for the parcel I found so many granny squares for potholder ideas so I was very exited to start. Here are the first three pairs:




This one will be the next potholder but I'm not sure if I can give it away. I like it so much...


Then I went totally nuts and ordered some japanese crochet and knitting pattern books from amazon.jp. I spent a fortune on the books and the shipping but I had to wait only 8 days for the delivery! And the books are worth the money! There are so many great ideas and pattern - I MUST CROCHET NOW!!!!

Fast and furious projects

Yes, I bought yarn again. For my skirt and for a bag project and for socks (ok, that doesn't count at all!). But I still don't get my red cardigan done. So here are my last projects:

Another crochet skirt in blue:


The black bag:


And the big fat slippers for my cold feet (made from handspun yarn):


A short story of a short skirt

Well, I definitely can't work on only one project and I needed to do some crochet again. Since long time I wanted to work the skirt from the book "The Happy Hooker". Why not? You can vary the length of the skirt easily and I prefer short skirts (as my beloved husband does). So after a few hours and only 250 g yarn this is my skirt:


I love this skirt and today I went to my lys and got me some blue cotton yarn for another short skirt and lots of fun. 

The Red Beret

At the moment I'm knitting a cardigan but the pattern is a bit boring. Therefor I have to knit something different in between. And there is also the stash decreasing project, before I buy new yarn I have to eliminate some of my leftovers and perhaps a little bit more. While I was seeing through my stash I found that incredible soft baby alpaca yarn from Cascade. One and a half skein leftover - exactly the right amount for a hat. In my ravelry-queue are a few patterns for hats and the one on top is a great top down hat without a swatch. You could knit it as a beanie or pillbox or beret - I have quite a lot of beanies so a pillbox or beret would be fine. 

I finally decided to do the beret - with a small lacy snowflake pattern (originally for a sock project). I like the outcome:


No more cold coffee

I love coffee and I love my french press - but coffee gets cold in it in no time. So this is the final resolution. A french press coffee cozy made from scrap yarn:


I visited my sister and her family in Dresden and went there by train. As I can't read in a moving train (I get sick!) I tried knitting a pair of socks. Unfortunately I had only one skein of sock yarn with me otherwise I would have finished a third sock. So I knitted this pair of ordinary socks:


Handspun Socks and free pattern!

I finished my handspun Blue Sky Sox today:


A very simple toe-up socks with hybrid heel and a bamboo pattern. 

And I wrote a pattern for the Papuffs, I hope there are not so many mistakes! Please let me know when you find one. ;-)

What will I knit next? More socks - I have cashmere yarn for socks waiting? Or better a sweater as it is still winter? A cardigan - I bought red yarn for a zipper cardi a year ago? A shawl - as i have so much lace yarn? Decisions! I hate that!

Destashing and snow

Another two papuffs done and I used up at least 2 kg of yarn. Hey, that means I can buy yarn again! The lilac papuff was made of 9 strands of lace yarn with silk and merino and 50% polyester. Not the yarn I love to work with and the color is UGH! The small papuff is made of 7 strands of slippery viscose yarn, my darling loves this yarn so it's his papuff.


It's still snowing and we have about 45 cm snow here. I don't know where I can park my car as I am no longer able to drive to my parking space. The road is to steep and I'm lucky to get my car to the road again. I think I will head off for a walk through the snow, yesterday I got stuck in a snowdrift, today I will take another chance to get stuck! ;-)

Papuff! Here I am again!!!

I tried to avoid blogging for different reasons but I can't do it without. I'm bursting with news and I knitted and crocheted and spun so much in the last 9 month. You can look up all my project on the photo pages.

Here is my latest art yarn - I call it "Harem". It's only 22 m but it has so many beads and sparkling things, it remembers me of all oriental things.


This is Papuff - a big cushion and a destashing project. In the last few months I bought to much yarn (no, you can't have to much yarn!) and I ran out of space. So I decided to decrease my stash by using yarns I bought years ago and that I would never use.  I have to destash at least 1 kg yarn and I didn't buy any yarn in January. That's good, so I can get me some yarn in the next month...

At the moment I'm working on the second Papuff and I think I will write down the pattern. It's so easy and crocheted in almost no time. And the effect on my bursting stash is immense!


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