Finishing projects

I was working constantly on different projects trying to finish them all. But I started a whole bunch of new projects because...

I had to wait for more yarn for this project: The turkish star potholder - for the german potholderswap! 


As I can't order only the yarn for one project I found this great and very cheap cotton in two shades of blue. That will be a rug for my shower as the old one is unraveling. I tried to make a picture but the cat...


...she's learning to crochet! Ok, perhaps she will just eat up all the yarn.

Finally my cardigan is finished. I don't know why but I did NOT enjoy the knitting but the outcome is phantastic!


More pictures of that cardi in the knitting photos...

I'm in need of summer socks and so I knitted this small socks of soy yarn:


Now I have only one shawl, one skirt, one afgan and the rug for the shower as WIP. *sigh*

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