Destashing and snow

Another two papuffs done and I used up at least 2 kg of yarn. Hey, that means I can buy yarn again! The lilac papuff was made of 9 strands of lace yarn with silk and merino and 50% polyester. Not the yarn I love to work with and the color is UGH! The small papuff is made of 7 strands of slippery viscose yarn, my darling loves this yarn so it's his papuff.


It's still snowing and we have about 45 cm snow here. I don't know where I can park my car as I am no longer able to drive to my parking space. The road is to steep and I'm lucky to get my car to the road again. I think I will head off for a walk through the snow, yesterday I got stuck in a snowdrift, today I will take another chance to get stuck! ;-)

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